Our organization works to promote Horseshoe Bend National Military Park and its activities, to increase awareness and understanding of the Park, of the Creek War, the War of 1812, and the National Park System.

In early 1814, Red Stick Creeks fortified the neck of a great bend in the Tallapoosa River as Andrew Jackson’s army of U. S. Infantry, Tennessee militia, and allied Creek and Cherokee warriors gathered against them.  At Tohopeka, the Creek word for fence or fortification, Jackson’s army encountered an ingenious barricade and heavy resistance.  But in the end, the Red Stick Creeks were defeated.  The battle, on March 27,1814, made Andrew Jackson a national hero and brought a close to the Creek War. 

For a full schedule of events commemorating the Bicentennial of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, please visit the NPS website for the latest schedule.

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